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Image by James Kovin
Error [Modular Samples]

ERROR contains 111 creative modular Techno loops broken down into 15 bass loops, 30 perc loops, 48 sequences, 12 FX loops, and 6 soundscapes.


The loops are heavily inspired by underground, raw and hypnotic Techno, but there are also loops suited for more progressive and melodic styles. 


Here is a list of some of the modules we sampled:


Noise Engineering's Basimilus Alter


Mutable Instruments Rings
Mutable Instruments Plaits

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Mutable Instruments Elements
Mutable Instruments Peaks 

ERM PolyGogo
Threetom Modular Steve's MS-22
ADDAC VC T-Network 104

VCV Rack2 
Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b




Secret Cinema

(Drumcode / Gem)

"If you're into Techno and want to have something setup real quick, these are the loops to go to and have a solid foundation in place."

Error [Modular Samples]


    • 111 modular Techno loops
    • 15 modular bass loops
    • 30 modular perc loops
    • 48 modular sequences
    • 12 modular FX loops
    • 6 modular soundscapes.
  • Ableton BPM / Tempo sync Compatibility Note: For some reason Ableton struggles to keep polyrhythms in time. If you drag and drop a loop into Ableton’s sequencer and it’s out of time, try turning “warp” off and then on again. This should fix it, if not you can manually type in the original BPM of the stem and it should auto stretch properly to your projects tempo.


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