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Professional Mixing

  1. Professional Sound Enhancement: Our mixing service transforms your raw electronic music tracks into polished, professional-sounding compositions.

  2. Balanced Sound: We ensure that each element in your mix, from synths to vocals, is properly balanced for a harmonious and clear audio experience.

  3. Enhanced Clarity: We bring out the details in your tracks, making subtle nuances and intricate elements more prominent, improving the overall listening experience.

  4. Improved Dynamics: Our mixing techniques emphasize the dynamic range, making your music more engaging and expressive.

  5. Genre Expertise: We cater to a wide range of electronic music genres, from techno to house, ensuring that your mix aligns with the specific style and standards of your chosen genre.

Benefits of Mixing:

  • Professional quality sound that stands out in the competitive electronic music industry.

  • A polished and cohesive mix that enhances the impact of your music on listeners.

  • Improved chances of getting your tracks signed by labels or played by DJs.

  • Better translation of your music across different sound systems, from headphones to club speakers.

  • More time for your creative process as we handle the technical aspects of mixing.


  1. Audio Enhancement: Our mastering service optimizes the overall sound quality, making it radio-ready and commercially appealing.

  2. Volume Optimization: We ensure your track's volume is at an industry-standard level, making it competitive with other professional tracks.

  3. Consistency: We maintain a consistent sonic signature across your tracks, entire album or EP, ensuring a unified listening experience.

  4. Quality Control: Our mastering process identifies and rectifies any audio imperfections, like clicks, pops, or unwanted noise.




Benefits of Mastering:

  • Your music will sound its best, whether on streaming platforms, radio, or in a DJ's set.

  • Increased commercial potential and broader marketability.

  • A cohesive and professional-sounding album or EP that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Corrected audio imperfections for a seamless listening experience.

  • Improved visibility and compensation in the digital music landscape.

  • Improved chances of getting your tracks signed by labels or played by DJs.

We use a wide range the best plugins and hardware units available on the market including from Thermionic Culture, Analog Design, UAD, Waves, Sonnox and many more.



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